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Awami Taxi is ride hailing service from Pakistan, we believe in providing quality transportation with affordable pricing. We will be coming up with unique and creative ideas for the advancement of transportation in Pakistan.



User can loggin using facebook or gmail. Passenger can easily update his location, trip history, trip experience over Facebook.


Using this option the user can make sure which cars are accessible to them & get connected. Auto filling of address over a tap on map. Notifications upon Taxi confirmation, arrival, start of trip and end of trip.


This will let a user know the exact time he will board the cab. Passenger can schedule, reschedule and cancel ride before it start by few taps.


Wallets system in Awami taxi helps passenger to pay for rides by reclaiming their credits or loyalty points. Payments can be added by driver at the end of ride or by using credit/debit card. Fare calculator calculates fare based on Source and Destination address


Passengers can schedule rides, manage their account with our easily from web portal.Vendors can as well manage their accounts using provided web portal. If you have more than 1 car can request to have access on all cars using one single loggin.


Promo code is a unique number which makes users travel fare pretty less. User can also share the code among friends and enjoy referral bonus from both ends. The more people download from your reference the less your fare become.




Time to time we all have that moment that we run out of mobile data(MBs) or batery dies. Awami taxi got you covered. As long as you manage to locate one of our cars or driver you can just hop in and let the driver start ride on his end. You are billed as if you have booked the ride. Dont miss a ride.

No peak time

We dont believe in extra or hidden charges. We stick to what we say. Never pay extra from what we have promised to charge you. We will never increase far at any cost.

Drivers app

Any smartphone supporting mobile data and Wi-Fi will serve as driver device. Send notification upon arrival to pick up passenger and ending trip.If you loose anything or in any case driver misbehave with user we will follow up. We have A unique ride Id number for each ride to make sure drivers dont loose a penny.

Drivers earning

We dont achrge any percentage from what vendors/cars owner earn, instead we have special scheme. You keep anything that you earn we just take Rs 3000/month only from what you earn and rest is yours.

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And when you have the itch to contact us, we are right here at info@awamitaxi.com Shoot a mail and we would solve your queries.

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Awami Taxi is a ridesharing app for fast, reliable rides in minutes—day or night. There’s no need to park or wait for a taxi or bus. With Awami Taxi, you just tap to request a ride, and it’s easy to pay with credit or cash in twin cities.